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Rome is the inspiration for this entire page, where you'll find unique t-shirts and souvenirs presented within a lively context of Rome photos, videos, travel information, and more.
new rome t shirt with Artemis

Rome T-shirts

These Rome designs are printed on high quality garments for men and women, including organic styles in several colors.

The fitted t-shirts are printed on American Apparel sweatshop-free tees, and organic styles are printed on Econscious brand, both recognized for high quality.

remus romulus rome t shirt
Remus& Romulus Rome T Shirts/Hoodies
$20.00- 38.00
Remus and Romulus, mythical founders of Rome, are suckling from a she-wolf, as their story goes.
classical rome t shirt t shirt
Classical Rome T-Shirts/Hoodies
$20.00- 38.00
A radiant head based on a giant sculpture in the Courtyard of the Pigna, Vatican.

SPQR Rome t-shirt
SPQR Coat of Arms T Shirts/Hoodies
$20.00- 38.00
The modern Coat of Arms of Rome.
Rome t shirt with coliseum
Rome Coliseum T Shirts/Gear
$20.00- 38.00
The ancient Coliseum of Rome is paired with some modern graffiti in this unique Rome design.
roman eagle t shirt SPQR
SPQR Roman Eagle T Shirts
$20.00- 38.00
A beautiful eagle, symbol of Rome, with the Initials SPQR standing for the "Senate and People of Rome". These initials appears on official Rome city seals.

Pagan Rome t shirt
"Great Artemis" Rome T Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
This design is based on the statue in the Vatican Museums called "Great Artemis", a goddess representing abundance.
Rome t shirt displayed on model with scenery

Rome Gifts

Shop for beautifully designed gifts inspired by Rome, such as these mugs,  keepsake boxes, and beach totes.
rome sistine chapel keepsake box
Sistine Chapel Keepsake Box
Part of the Sistine Chapel ceiling reproduced as a keepsake box
rome italy mug
Rome Mug
A portion of a painted ceiling in the Vatican Museums makes this ceramic mug burst with color!
Rome beach tote bag
Rome Beach Tote
This beach tote features the ancient Coliseum of Rome, paired with some modern graffiti that spells "Rome".

Rome Framed Prints

An exciting collection of framed Rome photo prints, perfect for introducing a bit of Renaissance flair to your home or office. All prints are custom manufactured using archival inks and acid-free paper. Framed prints are matted and framed in a stylish black frame that includes complete backing. Frame size: 19" x 15". Select an image for more details.
framed print of the Vatican Courtyard of the Pine Cone
Rome "Cortile Della Pigna"
Large Framed Print

This is a giant pine cone in a niche of the Cortile Della Pigna (Courtyard of the Pine Cone) which is part of the Vatican Museums.
rome framed print of Claudius as Jupiter
Rome "Claudius as Jupiter"
Large Framed Print

A marble statue of Claudius from the 1st century A.D., holding a sceptre of Jupiter and acompanied by the eagle of Jupiter. He holds a libation dish.
rome pantheon framed print
Pantheon Large Framed Print
A patch of light entering through the ceiling oculus moves across the domed interior of the Pantheon.

Italy framed photography prints
See All Italy Prints
Dozens more prints of Italy to choose from, so check out the whole collection!
framed photograph of the richly detailed ceiling in the Vatican
Vatican Architectural Lg. Framed Print
The exquisitely embellished halls of the Vatican Museums are a wonder, captured beautifully in this photographic print. Breathtaking for its fine detail and lovely color palette.

Rome Information

Rome, the Eternal City...

two and a half thousand years of history means you'll never run out of things to see and do"

Rome travel article coming soon

Rome photo tour
Check out the slideshow for more Rome pictures and information

Rome in Video and Film

Below are some quality videos from youtube that show elements of Rome. Get a feel for the place without searching through loads of the lesser quality videos that crowd youtube.
overview of rome video
WatchMojo presents a short profile of Rome and its highlights
National Geographic video
National Geographic: The Vatican
Piazza Navona video
Walking tour of Piazza Navona
trastevere video
An overview of Trastevere, popular neighborhood

The following movies contain scenes that were filmed in Rome (DVD orders are fulfilled separately by Amazon):

The Talented Mr. Ripley is an engrossing psychological thriller centered around Tom Ripley, a young man sent to Europe by the father of a spoiled millionaire who wants him to bring his son back to New York. The tale becomes a twisted thriller when Ripley's mission goes wrong.

The 1960 film La Dolce Vita (2-Disc Collector's Edition) is a Frederico Fellini masterpiece centered around the days and nights of a Roman playboy who meets a famous film star.

National Lampoon's European Vacation is the story of the goofy Griswald family after they win a trip to Europe. Chevy Chase and the rest of the cast travel across Europe causing havoc wherever they go...but when they reach Rome, things really start to heat up! Some good laughs make this a charming family movie and there are lots of great scenes of Rome.

Roman Holiday (Special Collector's Edition) is the 1953 classic starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in her first role, for which she won an Oscar. Hepburn plays Princess Anne, who is traveling around Europe on a very restricted schedule but sneaks away when reaching Rome, where she meets an American newspaper reporter.

Ancient Roman Forum
The Ancient Roman Forum

Castel Santangelo seen from the Bridge of Angels
Castel Sant'Angelo seen from the Bridge of Angels

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