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A saucy collection of souvenir Greece t-shirts, beautiful framed photography, and gifts designed by Greek-American artist Chris Petsos. The photos, sketches, and drawings are made during yearly visits to Greece and brought to the design studio to create these unique Greece inspired items.

The Greece t-shirt and gift collection currently represents Athens, Crete, Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini, and Rhodes. A Zakynthos section will soon be joining the collection.

Greece T-shirts and Greek themed gifts

Greece T-shirts

The culture, architecture, and history of Greece are captured through these t-shirts, hoodies, and other gifts. These designs are designed as unique reflections of the Greek experience.

The t-shirts are available on a variety of colors, styles, and sizes for both men and women; just click on a design that you like, and you'll be taken to a page with a range of garment choices.

crete greece t shirt snake goddess
"Snake Goddess" T Shirts/Gear
$20.00- 38.00
The snake goddess, many representations of which were found at the archeological dig at Knossos. She was a form of mother goddess worshipped by the ancient Minoans.
chania crete t shirt
Chania T-Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
New! A charming folk art inspired illustration of a building in Chania.

geometric crete t shirt
"Geometric" Crete T Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
Graphic illustration of a Minoan vessel seen in the Archeological Museum of Heraklion.
minoan prince-king crete t shirt
Minoan Prince-King Crete T Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
The prince-king, as depicted in a fresco at the palace of Knossos.
minotaur crete t shirt
"Minotaur" T-Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
New! Watercolor illustration based on the Cretan bull that I saw at the Archeological museum in Heraklion, with the word "Crete".

crete t shirt with greek flag
Crete w/ Greek Flag T Shirts
$20.00- 38.00
The Greek Flag and Crete with a vintage inspired texture in blue and white.
knossos crete t shirt
Knossos T Shirts/Gear
$20.00- 38.00
This design features dolphins inspired by Minoan frescoes at Knossos, Crete.
beach crete t-shirt
"Life's a beach" Crete T Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
Retro inspired illustration of flip flops, on the beach in Crete.

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Greece T-shirts

eleftherios venizelos crete t shirt
"Venizelos" Greece T Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
An image of Eleftherios Venizelos, Cretan revolutionary and considered a father of Modern Greece.
arkadi flag crete t shirt
Arkadi Flag T Shirts
$20.00- 38.00
The flag raised at the Cretan monastary at Arkadi as the Cretans fought for their freedom. The four letters stand for Kriti, Enosis, Eleftheria i Thanatos (Crete, Union with Greece, Freedom or Death).
greek goddess t shirt
"Greek Goddess" T Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
Every women deserves to be put on a pedestal, and this Greek Goddess design is a fun way to let them know it.

parthenon athens t shirt
"Parthenon" T-Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
Psychedelic Parthenon in tones of magenta, blue, and purple
caryatids athens t shirt
"Caryatids" Athens T Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
A vintage style Athens design featuring caryatids from the Acropolis with a moon and cityscape
exarchia t shirt
"Exarchia" Greece T-Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
Exarchia T-shirts to represent thx3b e famous Athens neighborhood of artists, students, anarchists, socialists, and progressive thinkers.

saint spyridon t shirt
Saint Spyridon T Shirts
$20.00- 38.00
Saint Spyridon is the patron saint of the island of Corfu.
rather be in corfu  t shirt
Corfu Olive Tree T Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
The island is covered with ancient olive trees, and this one says "I'd rather be in Corfu".
corfu t shirt
Corfu Old Town T Shirts/Gear
$20.00- 38.00
The silhouette of an actual church in Corfu town.

poseidon t shirt
Poseidon/Kerkira T Shirts/Gear
$20.00- 38.00
Myth tells us that Corfu, known as the island of Kerkyra in Greece, was named after the nymph Kerkyra, with whom Poseidon fell in love and carried to the island.
corfu t shirt with sunset cypress and palm
Corfu Sunset T Shirts/Hoodies
$20.00- 38.00
New! A sunset in Corfu with the silhouettes of palm and cypress trees.
corfu greece t shirt
Corfu /Greece T-Shirts/Hoodies
$20.00- 38.00
Corfu, Greece is backed by tattoo-style line work that suggests the bounty of the island with the shapes of plants, flowers, and birds.

mykonos t shirt
"Paradise Beach" T Shirts/Apparel
$20.00- 38.00
Paradise Beach design illustrated in a tattoo style.
petros pelican mykonos t shirt
"Petros the Pelican" T Shirts
$20.00- 38.00
Petros the Pelican, mascot of the island of Mykonos, is illustrated against a sunset reflecting on the water.
mykonos t shirt
"Mykonos Turntable" T Shirts
$20.00- 38.00
Mykonos is known for all night partying and great dance music played by world famous DJ's.

funny mykonos t shirt
"What Happens in Mykonos..."T Shirts
$20.00- 38.00
A cheeky reference to the wild partying that takes place each summer on this hedonistic island.
mykonos t shirt
"Mykonos Hotties" T Shirts/Gear
$20.00- 38.00
Two beautiful girls are immersed in a wave of music and cool blue sea on the party island of Mykonos...
mykonos windmills t shirt
"Windmills" Mykonos T Shirts/Gear
$20.00- 38.00
The iconic windmills of Mykonos are represented in this handsome design.

mykonos t shirt
"Mykonos Map" T Shirts/Apparel
$20.00- 38.00
A gorgeous rainbow-colored map of Mykonos, with retro style font. This map style t shirt shows the location of Mykonos Town, Ano Mera, Panormos, Ornos, Super Paradise Beach, Elia Beach, the island's airport, and various land features.
mykonos t shirt
"Paraportiani" T Shirts/Gear
$20.00- 38.00
The famous Paraportiani church of Mykonos is framed against a blue sky with tropical flowers in this great retro style travel design.
mykonos t shirt
"Mykonos Sunset" T Shirts/Hoodies
$20.00- 38.00
Illustration of a hottie, dancing in the water with the sunset behind her.

lindos acropolis rhodes t shirt
Acropolis Rhodes T-Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
The columns of the Acropolis at Lindos, dedicated to Athena.
helios rhodes t shirt
Helios Rhodes T Shirts/Gear
$20.00- 38.00
Helios, the sun god who has been special to the people of Rhodes (the island gets over 300 days of sunshine per year) is pictured riding his celestial chariot, which was believed to ferry the sun across the sky each day.
knights castle rhodes t shirt
Knights Castle T-shirts and Gear
$20.00- 38.00
The Knight's Castle of Rhodes is one of the most iconic structures on the island.

old town rhodes t shirt
Old Town Rhodes T-Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
New! The spectacular Mosque of Soliman in Rhodes' Old Town is one of the most recognizable landmarks of the city.
floral rhodes t-shirt
Floral Rhodes T Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
Rhodes, awash in sunshine, has an abundance of flowers.
map of rhodes t shirt
Map of Rhodes T Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
Retro style map of Rhodes featuring island locations and attractions.

rhodes seahorses t shirt
Rhodes Seahorses T Shirts/Gear
$20.00- 38.00
Seahorses from the famous fountain in Plateia Evraion (Jewish Square) of the Old Town, with the Greek spelling of Rhodes
lindos rhodes t shirt
Lindos, Rhodes T Shirts/Apparel
$20.00- 38.00
A moonlit night in Lindos, where a charming little stone doorway and some flowering bougainvillea compose a quintessential scene.
medieval knight rhodes t shirt greece
Medieval Knight Rhodes T Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
A medieval knight charges forward on his horse, a reference to one of the important historical eras of Rhodes when an order of Knights made this island their base.

santorini dive club t shirt
"Santorini Dive Club" T Shirts/Gear
$20.00- 38.00
Varsity style lettering says Santorini Dive Club with the flag of Greece.
santorini greece t shirt
"Santorini Church" T Shirts/Gear
$20.00- 38.00
One of the iconic buildings of Santorini.
blasted in santorini t shirt
"I Got Blasted in Santorini" T Shirts
$20.00- 38.00
A humorous Santorini design that has some fun with the volcanic nature of the island.

santorini t shirt
"Livin' on the Edge" T Shirts and Apparel
$20.00- 38.00
A retro vintage style design featuring architecture of Santorini, on the edge of the volcanic cliffs.
santorini t-shirt with caldera
"Santorini Map" T Shirts/Hoodies
$20.00- 38.00
An aerial view of Santorini, with its volcanic caldera illustrated in fiery shades of ash and lava red.
Santorini Boxers t shirt
Santorini Boxers
$20.00- 38.00
Beautiful reproduction of the famous boxing boys mural discovered on Santorini

Greece Framed Photo Prints

An exciting collection of photographic framed prints, perfect for introducing a bit of Hellenic flair to your home or office. All prints are custom manufactured using archival inks and acid-free paper. Framed prints are matted and framed in a stylish black frame that includes complete backing. Frame size: 19" x 15". Select for more details.
corfu town esplanade framed print photography
B/W "Corfu Esplanade"
Large Framed Print

The Esplanade in Corfu's old city, with outdoor cafés and arched colonnades.
fokos beach mykonos framed print
Fokos Beach, Mykonos Large Framed Print
Secluded Fokos Beach on the East coast of Mykonos provides a hidden getaway for those "in the know".

greece framed print
See All Greece Prints
The mythic beauty of Greece is captured in these beautiful framed photographic prints. There are dozens of Greece prints to choose from, so check out the whole collection! Full color and Black & White.
Rhodes Old Town framed printframed print
Oia Terrace Framed Print
The view from a terrace in OIa, looking West

Greece Gifts

Shop for beautifully designed Greece gifts and merchandise such as these mugs and beach totes.

olive trees and cypress greece mug
Olive Trees and Cypress Mug
Olive trees and Cypress trees, which carpet the island of Corfu, alternate to create a mug reminiscent of the Corfu countryside.
greek goddess mug
"Greek Goddess" Mug
Every women deserves to be put on a pedestal, and this Greek Goddess mug is a fun way to remind her..
helios greece mug
"Helios" Greece Mug
Helios is pictured riding his celestial chariot, which was believed to ferry the sun across the sky. He was the patron god of sunny Rhodes. The other side says Greece(roll your mouse over the image to see the other side). Click for more details.

chania crete greece mug
Chania Crete Mug
A delightful mug inspired by the colorful and charming buildings in Chania, Crete.
thera boxing boys mug santorini
Akrotiri Boxers Mug
Inspired by the frescoe of the boxing boys found at Akrotiri, the archeological site on Santorini.
mykonos mug
Mykonos Mug w/ Sexy Girl
A beautiful illustration of a girl dancing in the water, with the sunset behind her.

mykonos paradise beach tote
Paradise Beach Tote
This tote bag features Paradise Beach, the party hot spot where dance clubs line the beach and people party from afternoon until the morning hours.
corfu beach tote bag
Corfu Beach Tote
Corfu, Greece is backed by tattoo-style line work that suggests the bounty of the island with the shapes of plants, flowers, and birds
life's a beach in crete beach tote
Crete Beach Tote
Retro illustration of flip flops, sand, and hibiscus flower says "Life's a beach in Crete".

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