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Unique Athens t-shirts, framed photography and Greece souvenirs are accompanied by a slideshow, travel information, Athens short videos, useful links, and more. Visiting this page is like a virtual tour of Athens. Take a look around, and get a saucy taste of this incredble city... 
athens t-shirt parthenon funky style

Athens T-shirts

Find an Athens t-shirt that captures the history, vitality, and spirit of this great city. The streetlife, people, neighborhoods, and archeological legacy of Athens are represented in these t-shirt designs.

The t-shirts are intended to be as unique as the city that inspires them. Available on a wide range of high quality apparel for men and women, including organic styles in several colors and fits.

parthenon athens t shirt
"Parthenon" T-Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
Psychedelic Parthenon in tones of magenta, blue, and purple
athens t shirt
"Athens Greece" T Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
Athens is written in sporty letters with a vintage watercolor technique

exarchia t shirt
"Exarchia" Greece T-Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
Exarchia T-shirts to represent thx3b e famous Athens neighborhood of artists, students, anarchists, socialists, and progressive thinkers.
greek goddess t shirt
"Greek Goddess" T Shirt
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Every women deserves to be put on a pedestal, and this Greek Goddess design is a fun way to let them know it.
caryatids athens t shirt
"Caryatids" Athens T Shirt
$20.00- 38.00
A vintage style Athens design featuring caryatids from the Acropolis with a moon and cityscape

Athens Gifts

Shop for beautifully designed Athens gifts and merchandise such as these mugs and beach totes.
exarchia athens mousepad
Exarchia, Athens Mousepad
Exarchia mousepad to represent the famous Athens neighborhood of artists, students, anarchists, socialists, and progressive thinkers.
greek goddess mug
"Greek Goddess" Mug
Every women deserves to be put on a pedestal, and this Greek Goddess mug is a fun way to remind her..
Athens Parthenon beach tote
Athens "Parthenon" Beach Tote
The Parthenon in tones of magenta, blue, and purple is printed on this handsome tote bag, perfect for the beach or for carrying things around.

Athens Framed Prints

An exciting collection of photographic framed prints, perfect for introducing a bit of international flair to your home or office. All prints are custom manufactured using archival inks and acid-free paper. Framed prints are matted and framed in a stylish black frame that includes complete backing. Frame size: 19" x 15". Select for more details.
Monastiraki Athens framed print colorful beads framed print
"Beads at Monastiraki"
Large Framed Print

Multicolor beads sparkle in the sun at a bead shop in the Monastiraki flea market of Athens.
petros the pelican mykonos framed print photography
Parthenon Large Framed Print
Afternoon sun illuminates the Parthenon.
acropolis parthenon framed print photography
"Acropolis Columns"
Large Framed Print

Exquisite black and white print of majestic columns at the Acropolis, in Athens.

greece framed print
See All Greece Prints
Dozens more prints of Greece to choose from, so check out the whole collection! Full color and Black & White. These are available only here, your source of spicy Mediterranean designs and photography.
erectheion greece framed print
"Erechtheion" Framed Print
The Erechtheion is captured beautifully in this framed print, glowing softly in the afternoon sun.

Athens Information

Athens 2.0 : Not the same ol' Dame

...if you haven't seen Athens in a while, it's time for another look!"

athens shop

If your impression of Athens was formed back in the 20th century, when the city had become  a smoggy concrete jungle, it's time to have another look. The smog is gone, buildings across the city have gotten facelifts, and Athens is meeting the challenges of the 21st century with a renewed sense of style.

The magic of Athens happens out in the streets, at ground level... where the variety of cafés, restaurants and interesting shops is mindboggling. A delightful mix of chic and grit happens around every corner, so it's exciting to explore the city's center on foot. The main sites of interest are within a short distance of each other.

For a broader taste of Athens streetlife, visitors should head off to some of the other neighborhoods situated just outside the center, such as Exarchia by day or Gazi at night. The former is a colorful neighborhood of students and working class Athenians that's known as a hotbed of political activism, while Gazi is a district of bars, restaurants, and clubs that rocks late into the night. Grab a coffee in the Thissio neighborhood with it's endless outdoor tables lit by candlelight and smiling faces. Athens really rocks at night, long after Paris is tucked into bed.

To say that Athens has had its had ups and downs throughout history is a cosmic understatement. Currently, Athens is experiencing a tremendous upswing. An astounding transformation has swept over Athens and continues to remake the city.

Of course people are aware that something happened as a result of the Olympics, but many who haven't visited in a decade or more would be amazed at the improvements that continue to be made.

athens neoclassical building

During the 1800's, when modern Athens took shape, it was conceived and built as an elegant new capital with boulevards, parks and neoclassical buildings. Unfortunately it strained at the seams during the 20th century, when the population exchange with Turkey brought a million Greeks from Asia Minor, many of whom headed to Athens and needed housing.

A frenzied concrete building blitz destroyed countless neoclassical buildings and caused overcrowding and a notorious pollution problem. Occupying a basin near the sea, somewhat similar to Los Angeles, smog would settle in and hover over the city. Something had to be done, and it was.

cafes in Thissio

Throughout the 90's, aggressive measures were enacted, including driving restrictions, diesel fuel additives, incentives for buying cars with anti-polllution technology, a new fleet of electric buses, the construction of a brand new subway, new highways that relieved some of the congestion on local streets, the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees all around the city, and the pedestrianization of countless streets throughout the city that form a connecting network.

You can walk among all the ancient sites via a gigantic network of pedestrian streets that tie together and form the largest archeological park in Europe. Industries have been moved out of the city center. People are taking metro transit to a destination and then walking around. There's a new tram that will take you all the way to the beach suburb of Glyfada, through interesting neighborhoods, in less than an hour...where a turquoise sea awaits.

Neoclassical buildings are being restored all over town. Athens now has a crop of new boutique hotels that are on a par with any in the West, catering to a stylish young clientele. A new airport connected to the center by train makes long taxi rides into town a thing of the past. There are new parks, plazas have been beautified, and the legendary nightlife of Athens is more vibrant than ever.

Pretty much everyone speaks some English except the older folks. The people who work in stores and restaurants often speak a third or fourth language like German, French, or Italian as well.

athens at night

Traditionally, tourists visiting Greece spent only a brief layover in Athens before heading to the islands. The Acropolis, Plaka, and a museum or two were the basic routine...but now people are noticing the new face Athens is presenting to the world. They're tempted to stay a bit longer... and explore all the soul this ol' dame has to offer.

Monastiraki Acropolis view
View of the Acropolis from Monastiraki Square

Theater of Dionysos
Theater of Dionysos

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